BXC + Kelly Slater's Komunity Project

Brand Launch, Naming, Visual Identity, Social Media, Catalogs, Product Graphics.

BXC is branding in action. Quiksilver's new core surf and travel accessories brand needed all the pieces necessary to look as legit as the brand's founding CEO, Kelly Slater and it's OG crew of core ambassadors: Dane Reynolds, Kiron Jabor, Roy Powers, Alek Parker, Jeremy Flores, Magnum Martinez and Patrick, Tanner and Dane Gadauskas. Kelly and the team were heavily involved with product design and brand development and BXC was there to listen, process and bring home the goods. BXC and the Quiksilver in-house team created all the pieces needed to launch this brand into the global action sports surf market.

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Kelly's Komunity Video

Stationary and Logo Design