BXC + Giro Sports

Global multi-sport packaging system and snow product graphics

BXC worked with the Giro design team on their global retail packaging system for snow, mountain-biking and road-cycling products, including packaging helmets, goggles, gloves and shoes. Giro wanted the packaging to be equal to its design philosophy. The boxes are designed to maximize material yield, reduced toxic trash, recycle, increased assembly time, trim costs and performing on shelves. They ended up being kept by customer as long-term storage too.

BXC also created seasonal snow product graphics. We provided concept sketches, illustrations, decorative logos, patterns and color breaks for the snowboard helmet/goggle winter sports apparel line. Merchandised as a kit, so retailers could expect a fresh selection of technical outerwear accessories every season and encouraging people to ride smarter and safer.

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Seasonal Merchandised Product Surface Graphics