BXC + Pepper Pong

Product Design, DTC Packaging, Logos & Visual Identity Look & Feel, Promo Event Graphics & more.

Do you even play Pepper Pong? The brain child and obsession of it's founder Tom Fillipini. Playing with his original prototpye every holiday and event became a family tradition and a personal goal to bring this game to market. BXC was tasked to create all go-to-market creative assets including; custom logo, event promo and direct-to-consumer packaging shipper box. BXC also redesigned the product; revised paddle, invented an original folding net, and travel case to compress and contain the entire game system. It's won some awards so we hear.

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Custom Typograhy - Pepper Pong Wordmark

pepper pong logo and custom typography

Branding, Product & Packaging Designed by BXC

pepper pong logo and custom typography