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BXC | CPG/Retail Packaging Design

BXC is your new go-to for premium, award-winning packaging for everything from beverages to sporting goods, cpg, electronics, and more. Our clients have been featured in big-name retailers like Target, BevMo, GNC, REI, Dicks, and Amazon. It's not just about getting your products on the shelves, it's about making sure they stand out, sell through and hit that sweet-spot margin. Get your brand firing on all cylinders.

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Sporting Goods & Electronics

Trago Smart Water Bottles

Water Bottle Packaging

Golf Kicks Screw-in Spikes POP Systems

Golf Kicks Packaging and POP

BSX Endurance Wearable Device

BSX Endurance Wearable Device
Personal Health, Wellness & Nutrition

PNG Action Sports Hydration & Supplements

Hydration & Supplements Packaging

BodyLab Nutrition for Jennifer Lopez

BodyLab for Jennifer Lopez

Love Blossom Nutritional Supplements & CBD

Tincture Packaging CBD Bottle
Toys, Games & Collectables