BXC + Hasbro's Cuponk Collectors Game

Visual Branding System, Illustrations, Logos and Packaging Design.

Cuponk is the deviant's brand of action and skill that Mom's won't approve of and can't deny. BXC created Hasbro's Cuponk key art, packaging design, brand DNA, taglines, copy decks, logos, support graphics and managed over 16 different illustrators and graphic designers. The project included defining a brand DNA kids wanted to discover. Hasbro wanted to push it to the edge of youth subculture, while maintaining mass appeal and without alienating parents or retailers. We produced over 14 uniquely illustrated skus including collector's editions for ComicCon. It became an instant phenomenon and the number one toy at birthday parties across the globe. Cuponk will represent Millennials like Monster Balls and Garbage Pail Kids do Gen-X.

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