How much might
a logo cost me?

That depends on a few factors. Give it a spin!

* Estimated prices are based on BXC’s current quoting methods and range. This form is a simulation tool and prices and terms will vary per project based on many unforeseen variables. Call for an actual quote. Email us with any questions or ideas for improvements too. If you want to learn more about industry graphic design prices, shop for the Graphic Artist Guild’s Ethics and Pricing Guidelines on Amazon!

Buyer beware.
Seller be real.

The process of making a great mark is just that, a process. I had recently read on the website that a basic logo cost starts at $80. So that tells us that the designer you hire from Deluxe, making minimum wage here in California, paying off student loans maybe, Adobe CS, and an apartment, would spend 7.5 ($11.00 per) hours creating that one final $80 logo, start to finish and web and print ready! Certainly no time for research, to gain an understanding of your business, compare and analyze competitive brands and industry trends, make sure the work is unique and well executed and made into usable files. So how do logo contest sites, and super-low priced Internet logo-mills, with their teams of global design professionals come up with these amazingly cheep, too good to be true logos and estimates? Well lets be frank, they either borrow someone else's idea and art or sell you pre-made stock clip art. That wouldn't be much of a logo by any standards. Try owning or registering it for a trademark. A great logo takes time. It's not only a form of business art, it will represent your company or brand for years to come. I implore business professionals and logo buyers to do their homework. Hire a professional designer or branding agency. Visit their office or have them visit you. Check references. Star ratings and industry awards on a website are usually the first sign of thick layers of B.S. ahead. Today the Internet is ripe with logo and web design shysters. Don't take costly shortcuts to save a dime. Your value and your designer/artist's time are worth a lot more then Fiver, Upwork, Deluxe and all the other graphic design sweat shops are selling you for.